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Analysis of ICO Blockchain Home (BHOM)



Blockchain Home (BHOM) is a housing transaction platform. It’s a DApp commercial services which allows users to trade or lease the property quickly and safely by using smart contracts and cryptocurrency. The BHOM platform will also offer recommendations on detailed contract conditions from the algorithm, 24-hour payment and immediate ownership transfer through BHOM Coin. The ecosystem consists of two parts: P2P property transaction platform and decentralized property investment platform. The transaction platform is designed to enable international real estate transactions executed to user’s country regulations.  

Business Plan

The second part of the BHOM ecosysteme - a decentralized property investment platform - provides an investment model. Users invest cryptocurrency on properties including housing and buildings in exchange for the stake of the property. The stake of properties are issued in the form of mini token and are verified by the smart contract. After an official launch of the platform, investors with stakes of properties will be able to receive loans with the stake as a security.

BHOM ecosystem will be build in three steps: establishing the network, development of property transaction platform based on Ethereum and development of property investment platform through EOS or BHOM own mainnet (bitcoin network).  

Real estate transactions is only a starting point for BHOM project. The long-term vision is to develop a “blockchain city” where education, healthcare, finance, logistics and housing are connected via blockchain (applying the “smart home/city” logic).

Justification of blockchain technology application: to provide reliable and transparent verification process. Furthermore, smart contracts guarantee simultaneous execution, they can provide verified information faster than existing systems.

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have a marketing plan. The team is very active on social media platforms and numbers of followers are high (12+k on Telegram, 3.7k on Medium, 8k on Twitter), GitHub is active too. The team participates in relevant forums (real estate, construction etc), posting announcements on social media. The WP states that 10% of proceeds will be transferred to marketing and planning. Bounty program is currently ongoing.  


Team members have experience in real estate and construction industries, business development, legal, blockchain and communication. There is a BHOM Lab - a development department with specialists in blockchain, software, R&D, algorithm writing and engineering. Members of advisory board provide expertise in architecture, blockchain, cryptocurrency and risk management.

The Vision of the Market

There is no market research in the WP.  The only problem of industry stated is verification of real estate transactions. The BHOM project aims to solve this issue by delegating the complicated verification process to the blockchain thus liberating users from unreliable and non-transparent activity.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is segmented into public sector (state, city, government office, public enterprise etc) and  private sector (from corporations and sole proprietors to individuals). The needs of target groups are not described.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitive analysis in the WP. Real estate market is starting to adapt newest technologies and there are blockchain-based projects already: StreetWire, Rentberry, Atlant, Bee Token and Ubitquity among those platforms which are getting most coverage from business media.  


Strengths: very strong technical background of team members. First Pre-Sale completion. Big number of followers on social media platforms.

Weaknesses: no start/end dates of ICO; no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis, no market research. The WP is rather hectic and there are lots of mistakes in its English version. Team information should be added to the WP (it’s only on the website at the moment). Team lacks expertise in financial sector. Target audience and competitor analysis in needed.