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Analysis of ICO Bitcoin Empire



Bitcoin Empire is a web platform for trading digital, collectible cards built on the Ethereum blockchain. Using Bitcoin Empire tokens (BEM), the cards can be bought, sold, printed and used to play the Bitcoin Empire tabletop card game. In addition to this, users will be able to generate new random cards for a small fee.

The game mechanics behind the platform are associated with crypto wallet. Thus, new audiences are introduced to previously abstract concept of cryptocurrency, making it usable in well-known interactions.  

Business Plan

When the Ethereum smart contract is created for the web platform, 10,000 trading cards will be generated and rewarded to BEM tokens holders. They will also be showcased on the platform and available for users to buy with BEM tokens. All interactions on the platform will incur a fee of 4% paid to Bitcoin Empire.

The web platform will be built on the already established tabletop card. The tabletop game was created in 2016 and crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It is currently retailing at crypto-themed online stores. The first edition of Bitcoin Empire was funded on Kickstarter in November 2016; the second edition titled “To The Moon” was funded in February 2018.

The team plans to develop more options for monetization, like lotteries, reward systems and giveaways. These applications will utilize BEM tokens. The long-term plan is to evolve the platform into online gaming and gambling hub.    

Private sale of tokens was completed; pre-sale is currently going on.

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have a marketing plan. It is stated that 20% of funds raised will go to platform marketing. The team is active on Twitter and number of followers are quite good. Telegram channel has low number of subscribers.


Team members have solid experience in software and design engineering, web developing, investing into cryptocurrencies, marketing and project management. There are two advisors, one with expertise in ICO consulting and another in investing.

The Vision of the Market

The project is focused on trading card games market, which has very active secondary market due to collectible nature of trading card games. There is also an emerged market of digital collectible card games.

The key problem of the industry are:

  • Physical collectible cards can be forged, lost, stolen, damaged; there are also difficulties in logistics (these cards should be shipped/transferred between owners)
  • Digital trading cards currently exist on the platforms, which are centralized and authorities have all the power (to control and to eventually shut the platform down).

The Bitcoin Empire offers a solution to these limitations: a non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, making cryptocurrency market more open for both newcomers and experienced participants.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The WP doesn’t offer audience segmentation. The most obvious target groups are players: newcomers and professionals; developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts could also be targeted.

Competitive Advantage

The WP doesn’t have a competitor analysis. Gaming market is one of the most active adaptors of blockchain technology, there are lots of solutions and projects already. The only competitor which is briefly mentioned in the WP is CryptoKitties. But there are also CryptoCountries, Crypto-All Stars, CryptoCelebrities and EtherBots - all based on crypto collectibles trading.   


Strengths: both editions of the platform are available for play.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis. Team lacks expertise in blockchain, finance and legal; there are just two advisors. Market research is very short, it needs more details about competitors and audience segmentation.