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Analysis of ICO BGX



BGX is the first integration platform in the field of mobile games equipped with AI and with an emphasis on processing. The functionalities of BGX include:

  • A distribution system for gaming applications on Android and iOS
  • An independent processing of fiat and crypto transactions, including support for overdraft
  • A virtual player payment wallet
  • A sub-system for coin emission by developers
  • A support for common monetization models
  • A powerful AI engine which controls transactions and scoring.

AI performs three functions on the platform: fighting fraud in transactions, controlling the tournaments held in competitive games, developing customized recommendations for the user.  BGX functions in accordance with the most widely-adopted international security standards, regulations and controls frameworks. An MVP creation is scheduled for April 2018.

Business Plan

The BGX platform will have a dual token system. The BGX Token will be launched during the token generation event, its emission is limited. It will represent the right to participate on the platform and in the BGX Loyalty Club. The BGX Coin is a utility coin exchanged on the platform as a method of payment. It could be used on its own or as a currency for transactions within the platform. Its value will be subject to the same level of inflation as the US Dollar.

There will be built-in system of advertising support and its monetization based on smart contracts without intermediaries involved. Other monetization models include tournaments and competitive games, market of in-game products. The platform will take a 10% commission of all transactions, except ads, where 20% will be taken on internal ads and 40% on external ones.  

Marketing Strategy

The WP doesn’t have marketing plan. Marketing will get 15% of funds raised. Marketing costs and activities will vary with the scale of the platform and the amounts raised. Marketers will incur costs through platform promotion to more participants: developers, users, app stores. This will drive the usability and value of the platform and provide BGX Token holders with additional revenue streams.

The team is active on social media platforms, but numbers of followers are not high. Team members participate in relevant international events and announcements are made via social media.  


The team members have professional experience in entrepreneurship, software and mobile  development, product management, technology, crypto-finance, brand management and marketing. Advisors add expertise in ICO consulting, business development, scientific field, cybersecurity and data protection, fintech, AI and legal.

There are also strategic partnerships signed with Igda (games), Titan Technology, Reichlin Hess (legal) and Crowd Create (marketing) to name a few.

The Vision of the Market

Market research is extensive, thorough and detailed. It is supported by rich data, stats and graphs from Accenture, Frost & Sullivan, Goldman Sachs and other research experts. The WP has an overview and trends analysis for mobile, mobile games and apps industries. The problems are clearly stated:

  • The threshold of entry to the market for developers
  • Complicated formation of local and specialized app stores
  • High commissions for players
  • Non-transparent mechanism of income distribution.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Thanks to an extensive market research target audience segmentation is detailed and clear. BGX platform targets games developers, players, 3rd party app stores, advertisers, blockchain agents and token exchanges. The WP describes problems faced by each group and solutions offered by the product.

Competitive Advantage

The WP doesn’t offer a competitor analysis.  Competitors which are mentioned - AppStore, GooglePlay etc - represent just one part of mobile gaming market. There are also heavily promoted ALAX, Game Machine and RewardMob projects on the market.

BGX positions itself as a fintech solution to facilitate interactions between mobile games industry participants. The biggest difference from other platforms is in providing new methods to conduct financial transactions, removing intermediaries and adding transparency.  


Strengths: very extensive market research which covers the state and global trends in mobile games, apps and mobile industry; great vision. Market potential is clearly explained. Very informative WP with detailed description of platform’ architecture and functionality.  

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no competitor analysis. Team misses financial and blockchain experts. The market is saturated and detailed competitor analysis is required.