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Analysis of ICO ASSPACE



ASSPACE tokens are planning by anonymous team of founders as internal Etherium-based cryptocurrency for decentralized social network for producing and distributing adult content - Tokens will be paid to users as a revard for any activity – like, uploading video etc. Beta version is planned to release at Q3 2018.

Business Plan

Completely no clear economic data in whitepaper, that can be a sign of a scamming project.

Marketing Strategy

Founders believe that adult content will be popular so this product don’t need in special marketing activities.


Team is completely anonymous.

The Vision of the Market  

Whitepaper contains estimation and forecast of pay video streaming service market, data on part of adult content volume in all data transfers and downloading (without division on paid or free). No competitors analysis, no comparing with them performed. And there are no risk analysis of downloading into product network illegal content and its impact on project at whole and its users especially.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Founder believes that 30% of all data transferred via internet, and 35% of all downloads is adult-content related data. So, the target audience is all Internet users.

Competitive Advantage

There is no clear information about competitors in whitepaper.

But we can understand that the competitors are traditional adult-content studios and internet-services. Decentralization and peer-to-peer model can be an advantage of the product.


Project strong sides: potentially interesting content for majority of internet users.

Project weak sides: anonymous team; no business-plan and marketing strategy; risks of illegal content downloaded didn’t analyzed by founders.