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Analysis of ICO AREF



AREF is planning to be a decentralized advertising platform designed primarily for promoting cryptocurrency activities. According the plans of founders, it will be:

  • A center of promoting blockchain
  • The platform of decentralized advertisement with lowest fees and rewarding of users by tokens for watching ads
  • Decentralized shopping platform – also with usage a token as internal currency
  • Wallet
  • Branding chain.

Testing of the product will start in Q3 2018, after ICO, and final fully functional release will be performed only in Q4 2019. So, the product is very ambitious, but now it is only on early stage of development.

Additionally, the website causes error when user is trying to participate in airdrop event.

Business Plan

WP contains no clear business plan – only token distribution and allocation of fundraising. Founders are planning to sell only 40% of tokens, and team and community will have 30% of tokens without any declared freeze time. This may cause a token price fall after ICO.

According the fundraising distribution presented in WP, only 30% will be used on platform development, and 15% on marketing. It is very suspicious for product on early stage development.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy was presented in WP.


Team looks incomplete because it consists from blockchain enthusiasts as founders, IT professionals and marketing specialist. There is no financial or advertising professionals, and only one advisor. There are no links to social network profiles presented, and no events when founders were participated.

The Vision of the Market

WP presents a brief market research with estimation of internet advertising market (and revenues of Google and Facebook were presented) and ICO market information. So, the founders probably understand a market on which they are planning to work.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the project consists from two major parts:

  • Internet advertisers – customers of Google and Facebook mainly.
  • Cryptomarket participants, especially ICO launchers.

WP contains a brief market analysis of both of these groups.

Competitive Advantage

Founders were listed main advantages of their product. In a few words, these are usual advantages of blockchain solutions over traditional products: fast, cheap and secured transactions in system. Also, founders believe in growing price of their token and in their ecosystem – without description of marketing strategy which will attract new members to it.


Project strong sides: marketing analysis performed.

Project weak sides: unclear idea which unite some different products; lack of business plan; a few team information presented; early stage of development without understanding of financing it.

So our position is negative.