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Analysis of ICO Anything App



Anything App is a mobile (iOS, Android) application with a blockchain-based search engine not for ads & websites but for people who can solve user’s task. Token (AnyCoin) is an internal currency in the ecosystem with which ‘buyer’ of services pays to ‘seller’ - person who solves his/her troubles. Founder believes that using a blockchain technology will reduce costs of micro-transactions that will constitute a majority of transactions in the system. The service will have its income of commissions: 5% of each transaction in AnyCoin, and 15% of each transaction in fiat currencies. Service is planned as international, starting in Asia because this is a region with high cellular phones usage, high lifecost and low wages.

Closed alpha test was started on October 2017. No public beta test is planned; full release is planned at Q3-Q4 2018.

Business Plan

AnyCoin sales cap is USD 8 million. Planned distribution of funds received is:

  • Sales and marketing 57%
  • Operation costs 26,5%
  • Product Development 13,5%
  • Legal and administrative 3%.

Product income consists of commission from each transaction (5% in AnyCoin, 15% in fiat currencies). Founder believes that product with start in Q3 2018 will became profitable in March 2019, and plans to acquire additional venture investments for product development, but shows no calculations which can proof this point of view.

The Vision of the Market

Whitepaper contains brief review of Asian market which selected as initial by founder. No real data was presented, no comparing with competitors was shown.But, based on our experience, we can think that main competitors in this market are freelance services like or WorkZilla, and there are no advantages of shown product.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is based on referral program without any descriptions of details.


Team has experience in successful start-us and members with different background (finance, marketing, Technical & IT/Data scientists). Advisory board with start-up experience looks real and professional.

Understanding of the Target Audience

No clear information about details of target audience was presented in WP. On our opinion, target audience is, at one side, freelancers who can perform short jobs, and any kind of employers who need such jobs.  

Competitive Advantage

Project looks like traditional services (, WorkZilla) with usage of blockchain technology for performing transactions, and improved search engine. It seems there are no advantages over traditional services.


Project strong side is its team with experience in successful start-ups.

Project weak sides: non-realistic business plan; no detailed marketing strategy; no market review.