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Analysis of ICO Alicoin Cash



Alicoin platform goal is to facilitate lives of cryptocurrencies holders and investors. The project includes three components:

  • Sale/purchase of goods for cryptocoins/traditional currencies
  • Sale/purchase of services for cryptocoins/traditional currencies
  • Investments.

Business Plan

Date of ICO was changed (initial dates were 31.03.2018-15.05.2018).

There will be a platform within the Alicoin Cash framework, where users will be able to directly exchange coins for goods and services they need (including freelancers’ services). There will be partnership with the like of Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and also smaller online stores. Smaller stores will be selected according to user’s location. The platform will convert cryptocurrency in fiat money allowing users to make a purchase on the spot.

Another function of Alicoin platform is investments. It is planned to develop free, smart and automated investment system, where user takes full control over his/her operations.

All operations on the platform will be performed with an internal token - ALC. In the future there is a plan to issue a debit card. This will enable users to pay with ALC from any country, without additional transfers and commissions.

The development of a trading platform (direct exchange of coins for goods and services) will start in Q2 2018, the platform will launch in Q4 2018, according to the roadmap.                           

Marketing Strategy

There is no communication on social media channels after April 5-7th - after the announcement of ICO freezing.

According to the WP, the team actively invests in promotion and advertising via YouTube and Facebook. 20% of funds raised will be distributed to advertising.  The priority will be given to video advertisement on social networks. There is also an affiliate program for YouTube bloggers.


Team members have experiences in fintech, technology, financial entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, ICO platforms development, blockchain. There are no advisors. There are no links to LinkedIn profiles, team should be verified.

The Vision of the Market

There is no market analysis in the WP. FinTech industry is very saturated with blockchain-powered projects. There are still lots of opportunities and niches to capitalize on, the team needs to perform an extensive analysis and come up with solid arguments demonstrating the worth of Alicoin.

Understanding of the Target Audience

There is no audience segmentation in the WP. Current issues of FinTech industry  and its participants are not listed. Target audience could be segmented into new crypto investors and professional traders, for example.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitive advantage in the WP. There are lots of blockchain/smart contracts based projects in FinTech industry in general and in crypto exchange market in particular. The team needs to conduct comparative analysis between several competitors and identify strong advantages of Alicoin.


The situation with Alicoin project is not clear. An announcement on social media platforms from April 5-7 states that the team decided to freeze token pre-sale and ICO, while website shows new ICO dates (15.06-31.08.2018). The WP and project presentations should be completed and compiled into a comprehensive document.

Weaknesses: there are no financial plan and competitor analysis. The WP is very short and is missing some key elements (like market research, team members profiles), according to analysts from Expert-Coin Rating. There are no links to LinkedIn profiles of team members, no advisors mentioned. There is no FAQ section on a website.