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Analysis of ICO 300Cubits



300Cubits and its token TEU are the solutions for shipping industry’s issues: overbooking on liners and lack of free cargo places. The total loss equals USD 23 billion because of these issues, according to New Jersey Polytech University statistics. According to this statistics, 20-30% booked cargo units wouldn’t be loaded on the board at the port. Because of this, shipping companies use overbooking.

TEU token can be the solution as a booking deposit in a smart contract on shipping. How it works:

  • Customer sends to system shipping request and tokens for deposit
  • Shipping lines receive request and information about tokens and can submit this request and send their tokens to deposit
  • After boarding the cargo units, platform returns deposit tokens to both sides. WP doesn’t present what happens if any side breaches the contract, but obviously, in this case, part or whole deposit of breaker will be sent to another side as a penalty.

The prototype is available since October 2017, system beta will be available in May 2018, the full release will happen on 15 June 2018.

Business Plan

According to the WP, 40% tokens will be distributed on the open market: 2% sold during pre-ICO, 18% will be sold in ICO event; 20% will be reserved for use on alternative markets or burnt. 40% will be used for free distribution between shipping companies (20%), consignors (20%); 14% will be used for business development and 6% were reserved for the team with 2-year blocking.

No information about revenue model of 300cubits platform, or planned usage of funds received, were provided by founders in WP.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is well-described in WP and based on free distribution of tokens between market participants (40% of all issued tokens, or 40 million tokens with nominal price USD 0.25). Also, there is the rewards program for major market players who will participate in distributor agreement.


The team consists of strong finance, shipping, and IT professionals, and professional experience and skills of founders are proved by Bloomberg in their information reports. But there is no sales & marketing position in the team.

Advisory board contains investment and shipping professionals, but neither in core team nor an advisory board there are no blockchain professionals.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains no information of market volumes (and no estimations of sales plans or segment of market planned to conquer), only information about market issues and ways which 300Cubits is planning to solve them. But there is so strange to receive from these brilliant shipping market professionals only this brief description.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target Audience described in WP very clearly – shipping companies, at one side, and consignors, at another side. Project is positioned to solve issues in relationships between these sides.

Competitive Advantage

Founders believe that these projects have these advantages:

  • Strong marketing strategy – based on initial free token distribution between market participants
  • Strong project team
  • The blockchain-powered platform which can make deposit solutions of market issues less expensive than solutions based on fiat currencies with the usage of banks and insurance companies.
  • Simple integration in existing business
  • 300Cubits solutions can be used not only in sea shipping but in other parts of logistic chains.

Also, WP contains brief risks analysis, but there is lack of information about existing solutions for described market issues and their direct comparing with project solutions.


Project strong sides: perspective idea, strong professional team, detailed marketing strategy.

Project weak sides: no business plan and deep market analysis.

So our position is neutral.