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Analysis of ICO MDL Talent Hub

Product MDL means My Daily Life

Analysis of ICO Egretia

Product Egretia is blockchain platform for game development, game publishing, virtual goods trading, advertising and incubator for HTML5 game development teams

Analysis of ICO Merculet

Product Merculet is proposed as a solution for transforming the relationship between consumer, investor, and producer using 'internet of value' conception

Analysis of ICO ServerCube

Product ServerCube is a project to create a distributed computer network. Servers will be hosted in houses, schools, institutes. The point is that ServerCube computers are very powerful, but take up little space. They are small devices with high computing density

Analysis of ICO GamerToken

Product GamerToken Platform is designed for gamers, publishers and developers. The platform is intended for trading unique game items. In addition, the platform allows you to develop non-fungible game items

Analysis of ICO Safinus

Product Safinus platform directly connects investors and portfolio managers

Analysis of ICO Plentix

Product Plentix is a blockchain platform offering automated referral programs to businesses. Using the app Plentix users will be able to recommend certain goods and services to their friends. Companies will be able to connect to the platform via API keys and offer their referral programs to users

Analysis of ICO Triwer

Product Triwer is an application for organizing express delivery of goods. As the founders of the project say it is something like Uber, but for logistics. The potential audience of the Triwer platform is online shops, transport companies, drivers and consumers. Using Triwer you can choose the best route and track the delivery of parcels online, as well as interact with the driver