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Analysis of ICO BCharity

Product BCharity is a social enterprise for everyone. It is also a first global charity exchange that uses blockchain technology to solve issues of charity industry. Via BCharity exchange everyone can donate money or time either on micro or macro scale

Analysis of ICO Entry

Product ENTRY is blockchain solution for making a bridge between crypto-world and traditional economics

Analysis of ICO INGOT Coin

Product INGOT Coin (IC) is an all-inclusive ecosystem that links crypto market to the traditional financial industry

Analysis of ICO Howdoo

Product Howdoo is planning as social network free of issues of existing social networks (as founders understand them) – inadequate personal data security, cyber-bulling and trolling, absence of creators’ fairy compensations, passive role of users in advertising process and disconnection between them and advertisers, high fees and long term for executing international payments

Analysis of ICO Luckchemy

Product Luckchemy is a gambling platform with a wide range of games created by its developers and in collaboration with partners. There are available MVP – product’s website with lottery and scratch cards games available. Founders were announced bingo, online casino, online poker, slots, sport betting and live dealer

Analysis of ICO White Rabbit

Product White Rabbit is a project designed to restart the business model of the film and series industry

Analysis of ICO xDAC

Product The xDAC project offers the infrastructure to create Decentralised Autonomous Companies for business. This infrastructure will be used as a state regulator and banking system, and will provide tools for management. Digital decentralized organizations will be able to launch business, all processes of which are transparent

Analysis of ICO Datareum

Product Datareum platform offers a decentralized marketplace for high quality data. The project’s starting point will be online surveys