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Analysis of ICO Vikky

Product Vikky is an application for short-term jobs advertising. Locations of service providers (gardeners, plumbers, etc.) are displayed on the map so users can choose from options closes to them

Analysis of ICO Profede

Product Profede is a Protocol for implementation in job search and recruitment platforms. The idea of Profede is that users will be able to get paid in tokens for publishing their professional profile on the platform and set a fee for accessing the profile

Analysis of ICO Hero Node

Product Hero Node is a platform for developing decentralized applications. The platform is compatible with all blockchains. Access to the platform Hero of the Node is via API keys. A feature of the Hero Node is the use of fog computing. Fog computing is a more advanced technology than cloud computing due to a decentralized network of servers and data

Analysis of ICO Phantasma Protocol

Product Phantasma is decentralized content sharing platform

Analysis of ICO Sandblock

Product Founders team presents Sandblock as a tool for defining, measuring and improving customer satisfaction. In measuring part, WP gave only common information about techniques used in marketing for measuring customer satisfaction (like Customer Satisfaction Score or Net Promoter Score) without details of tools planned to use in product

Analysis of ICO BitSchool AI

Product BitSchool is a platform for students learning different courses. Using a specially developed test BitSchool selects most appropriate courses for students to learn. The problem of filling the platform with educational content is solved as follows

Analysis of ICO Paytomat

Product Paytomat is the decision on the implementation of the cryptocurrency at the point of payment (PoS). The project offers an interface and software that will make cryptocurrency an acceptable payment tool. Owners of sales outlets and developers of software for payment terminals will  implement Paytomat in their payment systems

Analysis of ICO Safein

Product Safein is an identity management platform based on blockchain. It offers a complete KYC solution for businesses and a unified (single) verified account for users. Digital users can verify their identities and access any service provider instantly