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Analysis of ICO Fr8 Network

Product Fr8 Network is a solution for truckers, suppliers who need to freight their cargo, truck brokers and freight factors. This decentralized marketplace for all market participants make possible secured payments with guarantee of real freight, clear reputation system and minimum fees to all participants between supplier and trucker

Analysis of ICO Fluence

Product Fluence is a decentralized network of trustless nodes designed to handle structured data. Fluence will work in the following way. Miners, acting as data storage providers, provide storage space and computing resources, and customers can choose any suitable provider according to their goals

Analysis of ICO GIF by SOCIFI

Product Socifi is a blockchain-powered marketplace for sponsored data and other products/services. It consists of two parts: An online marketplace - enables advertisers (sponsors) to connect with publishers (Mobile Network Operators or other players) An engagement solution (SES) - an SDK for Android

Analysis of ICO Superset

Product Superset is a tool for creating smart contracts using plain English language. Before starting execution, user can test his smart contract and look for all possible mistakes in it. Also, user can make his contract private or public; public contract will be sent to newsfeed for ranking by system core and other users

Analysis of ICO Squeezer

Product Squeezer is platform designed for software developers who want to create blockchain applications. This platform will use microservice platforms such as Google Cloud Functions. Combination of microservices and blockchain enables to create scalable solutions for any enterprises, any level

Analysis of ICO Nuggets

Product Nuggets is a very interesting technology for authenticating user data used for interaction with various Internet services (online banking, online shopping, etc.). The user mhave to register in Nuggets only once and provide his / her biometric data: fingerprints and photos, and "bound" his / her payment data and ID to biometric data

Analysis of ICO LightStreams

Product LightStreams is a blockchain platform that supports distributed applications that need particularly high speed anddata privacy

Analysis of ICO AirPod

Product AirPod Sleeping Pod (AirPod) is a single-person sleeping capsule designed to be installed at the airports, railway stations, shopping center and other public spaces. The capsule will include the following features: Wi-Fi, touch screen monitor, air conditioning, sound reduction technology, smart-glass privacy, mood lightning and scent machine