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Analysis of ICO Essentia

Product Essentia is a multi-chain modular framework enabling users to have full control and ownership over their data. Among the modules that could be activated on a framework are IDs, Logins, DApps, Wallets, VPN, Crypto Nodes and others. IDs, for example, can be anonymous, pseudo anonymous or related to the real-world data. It’s the user who makes a choice

Analysis of ICO CoTrader

Product CoTrader is the product which enables users to invest in and manage blockchain-powered investing funds (also known as Smart Funds). These funds are managed by fund managers who trade assets on digital exchanges. Smart contracts are making these funds management secured and trustful, and patent-pending privacy algorithms can hide trades and fund managers’ hiding strategies

Analysis of ICO W12

Product W12 is proposed as a platform for securing investments on early stages. Platform allows investors to return up to 95% in case of unrealized projects, and projects – to quickly attract investments (not only from ICO but from private investors, funds etc.)

Analysis of ICO EVO

Product EVO is a decentralized platform for assessing personal skills and for personal development. It enables the creation of a digital portrait that could be applicable to many real-life situations

Analysis of ICO CryptoBrokerage

Product CryptoBrokerage is a decentralized trading and brokerage platform that allows you to compare and analyze crypto currencies. CryptoBrokerage platform uses artificial intelligence technologies and natural language processing. The platform aggregates trading information from 64+ cryptocurrency exchanges. More than 200 cryptocurrencies will be available for trading on the platform

Analysis of ICO XRT

Product XRT is a project of XRT Foundation, which intends to become a partner of large companies in the food industry. XRT is an application for payment for services of food industry companies (restaurants, cafes, etc.)

Analysis of ICO Foam Protocol

Product FOAM Protocol is, according the founders’ presentation, a geospatial service based on Crypto-Spatial coordinates – Ethereum-based smart contract addresses with corresponding addresses positioned in physical space and verifiable on chain and off chain. According the opinion of founders, this system is more trustful and secured than traditional GPS-based services

Analysis of ICO SpringRole

Product Spring Role is a product for verification education, work skills, professional experience etc. – i.e. for an attestation of user and for creation a trustful, verified CV. Blockchain technologies giving an opportunity to create fast, secured database with a clear verification protocols