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Analysis of ICO Rigoblock

Product Rigoblock is a decentralized platform for quick creating of asset management funds. Small traders will be able to access trading platforms, and developers will be able to modify protocol and create their own algorithms for asset management. This investment management technology opposes large hedge funds

Analysis of ICO GraphGrail

Product GraphGrail is an artificial intelligence platform for blockchain

Analysis of ICO Friendz

Product Friendz is a platform through which social media users are engaged in active interaction with brands. Friendz is a special purpose social network. Client companies publish a task for the production of content and offer a reward for its implementation. Users create content, experienced expert users test and evaluate it. Users and experts are rewarded

Analysis of ICO Plaza Systems

Product Plaza Systems is a marketplace platform which offers the ability to quickly browse and shop products across the whole internet, anytime and from anywhere. This platform is based on blockchain and is supported by AI. Payments are made in project’s own tokens, making transactions private and secure. AI search engine helps to find best options for goods and services

Analysis of ICO MyDFS

Product MyDFS is a fantasy sports platform which connects sports fans (players) around the world. It’s transparent, quick and easy-to-use. The product has high value in real life world, which is backed by market and industry assessment. Fantasy sports is a significant part of booming e-Sports and entertainment market; it grew 5 times in one decade

Analysis of ICO Selfllery

Product Selfllery is a multifunctional social platform that allows users to monetize their video content. Selfllery also acts as a stock photo service which to sell photos via its platform. All transactions are made with product’s own tokens

Analysis of ICO Waltix

Product Waltix is an ecosystem which makes buying and selling tickets to sports/cultural/entertainment events smooth and simple. It’s an innovative solution for the ticketing market, which combines the convenience of mobile application and the security of blockchain

Analysis of ICO PodOne

Product PodOne is a decentralized network which connects employers and agents and eliminates the need of an HR agency; a contact center based on blockchain technology. White Paper provides an evaluation of product’s value in real life. Existing problems within contact centers are identified and solutions are offered