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Analysis of ICO Cverification

Product The name of this project reflects its core. CVerification means CV Verification – blockchain-based recruitment platform with verification all information presented in CVs. According the WP, now employer during checking candidate’s CV have to make calls to previous candidate’s workplaces and performing other checking procedures

Analysis of ICO AREF

Product AREF is planning to be a decentralized advertising platform designed primarily for promoting cryptocurrency activities

Analysis of ICO Qryptonite

Product Qryptonite is a specialized digital currency for a printed media industry. Main features are: anonymity, acceptance, easy-to-use, fast, wide distribution, decentralization. Business Plan The team plans to build a new blockchain-based loyalty system

Analysis of ICO Soundeon

Product Soundeon is musical and multimedia decentralized platform powered by blockchain. The ecosystem includes the following application layers: Music Token Sale - artists can launch tokes sales to finance personal projects Soundeon Exchange - a tokenization tool and a decentralized exchange of intellectual property

Analysis of ICO HeliosCoin

Product HeliosCoin represent a system of autonomous mining clusters

Analysis of ICO Horizon Communications

Product Horizon Communications is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based on Bermudas and having ambitions to cover all Central and South America with wireless internet, HD TV and VoIP Telephone services. So, Horizon is planning an ICO for establishing a company startup in Bermudas, BVI and Caribbean (Q3-Q4 2018) with conquering 15% of market during 5 years

Analysis of ICO Foleum

Product Foleum is a project of establishing green-powered (i.e. with a hybrid of a wind turbine and a solar panel) data centers designed for mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Token (‘crystal’ in WP terms) holders will receive up to 60% of project profits on daily basis in cryptocurrencies mined

Analysis of ICO ZAZA

Product ZAZA will be a social network for businesses, designed for connecting businesses, making advertisement and marketing less expensive than existing, executing deals using smart contracts in ZAZA platform