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Analysis of ICO

Product is a cashback marketplace based on the blockchain and powered by the REME-Coin. Payments made by REME-Coin are real-time transactions, which don’t require any additional steps from parties involved. Repay-me start-up was launched in 2015 with a goal to create an e-commerce platform with 100% cashback

Analysis of ICO COTI

Product COTI is a payment transaction network powered by native digital currency. There are no fees for buyers and low-to-zero fees for sellers. The platform provides full buyer protection and processes tens-of-thousands of transactions per second. The ecosystem uses innovative distributed ledger technology

Analysis of ICO Exmo Coin

Product EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, operating since 2013. There are over 1,400K registered international users. EXMO is launching a sale of its tokens (EXO) to develop capacities for adding Margin Loan service to the platform. Margin loans are used by traders with limited capital for short position trading

Analysis of ICO Welltrado

Product Welltrado is a blockchain-based platform that enables investors to buy and sell loans from numerous loan providers across the world, invest to P2P lending funds and manage their portfolios

Analysis of ICO Global REIT

Product Global REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust based on blockchain. The idea of the project is quite simple and convincing at the same time. Traditional REIT is an alternative to private real estate investments. The REIT manages a plurality of properties, buys and sells them, rents it out, finances real estate

Analysis of ICO Pingvalue

Product Pingvalue is a solution which connects directly advertiser and customer via  blockchain-powered solutions and number of Pingspots – Wifi points installed by Pingvalue

Analysis of ICO BrainerZ

Product BrainerZ is a playground for intelligent (knowledge-based) games, hence the name of the project. The goal of the project is not to change the world or disrupt the market but to create an interactive application for intelligent social games. The main features of the application are competitiveness and sociality

Analysis of ICO Talao

Product Talao is a decentralized marketplace based on blockchain