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Analysis of ICO Golden Currency

Product Golden currency is the first fully functional private currency, backed by gold and powered by blockchain technology

Analysis of ICO Payera

Product Payera is an ecosystem that focuses on simple shopping and safe payments. It includes three products: Payera - the payment platform for safe crypto transactions Shopera - an online shopping marketplace for new and used goods Cardera - a crypto payment card for everyday use

Analysis of ICO Deedcoin

Product Deedcoin is a real estate network that directly connects home buyers/sellers and agents. The platform utilises blockchain technology to remove centralized bureaucratic authorities that increases costs for homeowners and agents. The platform also changes the way how customer finds his/her real estate agent

Analysis of ICO TrustLogics

Product TrustLogics is a blockchain platform based on Peer-to-Peer Hiring Model. TrustLogics aims to build a verification and reputation building blockchain platform for both: Professionals and Independent Service Providers (ISPs). The platform offer the following opportunities: TrustLogics algorithm notifies suitable peers in TL ecosystem when a recruiter posts a job

Analysis of ICO Coins4Favors

Product Coins4Favors is a blockchain-powered marketplace for small mini-jobs services (‘favors’) which are not presented in specialized services like Uber or Airbnb. The conception of the project is based on a conception of ‘Internet of Value’ which understands blockchain as a technology for transmitting values between people

Analysis of ICO Eo.TRADE

Product Eo.TRADE is a blockchain-based platform consisting of several key elements: Trading platform that allows trading both traditional assets and crypto assets Crypto wallet supporting more than 20 cryptocurrencies and allowing you to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and vice versa Cryptocurrency exchange News portal providing financial news and analysis. As you can see, there is

Analysis of ICO 300Cubits

Product 300Cubits and its token TEU are the solutions for shipping industry’s issues: overbooking on liners and lack of free cargo places. The total loss equals USD 23 billion because of these issues, according to New Jersey Polytech University statistics. According to this statistics, 20-30% booked cargo units wouldn’t be loaded on the board at the port

Analysis of ICO BIDIPASS

Product BIDIPASS is a system of personal identification using two-dimensional code and encryption based on public key. This technology is an alternative to digital signature